Rahul Ranganath

Sound designer


Audio engineer

Rahul Ranganath

Sound designer


Audio engineer

Rahul Ranganath

I’m a sound designer passionate about bringing your game projects to life.

  • Location: Bangalore, India


  • Composition and Scoring
  • Sound Design
  • Implementation
  • Source & Filed Recording

About Me

I transitioned to sound design over the last couple of years from a long career in music and audio engineering. I score and compose original music, do sound design, record foley, and handle implementation across a range of game engines and middle-ware, such as Unity, Unreal, FMOD, and Wwise.

I have worked on indie titles remotely, and I’m great at collaborating with distributed teams and shipping projects independently.

I’ve enjoyed my last couple of years in the industry, building on a decade of experience in audio engineering and live sound for music.

Back in 2023, I founded Game Audio 21-78, a community for audio folk across the country to talk shop, learn from each other, and level up their careers together with online and offline activities.

I’m also fortunate to have worked with seasoned game development professionals in India. Here, I’ll let them share their experience working with me:


Atulya Thorat

Immensely talented sound director and composer. Rahul single-handedly took charge of the audio pipelines at Black March Studios for Crimson Tactics. He directed the game’s audio and composed the OST from scratch.

Atulya Thorat – Game Designer @SuperGaming

Arunabh Hazarika

Rahul’s creativity and knowledge always allowed him to understand the specifics of the sounds required in various scenarios. And with his excellent skills in creating sound assets and composing music, he delivered an immersive audio experience.

His quality leadership skills led to the growth of the other designers in the sound team, and his collaborative nature assisted the sound team to work flawlessly with other teams and meet rising expectations and requirements of sound changes during production phases and after player feedback.

Arunabh Hazarika
Game Director @Black March Studios

Stotriyo Chakraborty

Rahul is an exceptional composer with an ear for melodies and a deep understanding of music within various narrative settings.I worked with Rahul on Crimson Tactics and had multiple conversations with him regarding audio, music and it’s part and process in the larger game development context, in addition to all the work related to the game itself. He consistently displayed fantastic and thorough knowledge of various instruments and music composition software.Additionally, it was always fun to pick his brain about the various melodies I heard in games that held strong nostalgic values for me.He is definitely one of the best that I have worked with and I couldn’t recommend him more!

Stotriyo Chakraborty @ Narrative Designer

Contact me

Audio Designer
2023 - Present
Audio Designer
Singular Scheme

Sound design and music for an indie RPG game.

Audio Director and Composer
2011 - Present
Audio Director and Composer
Black March Studios

Led audio efforts for Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner, an award-winning turn-based tactical RPG with a a high fantasy medieval setting.


Led Unity-to-FMOD transition, enabling independent audio work and complex systems, saving vital dev time.

Crafted 900+ FMOD assets for immersive gameplay, elevating user interaction with stylistic audio feedback.

Orchestrated FMOD mix hierarchy for platform-optimized sound, delivering a top-tier experience for players.

Composed and implemented 28 orchestral scores for menus, cut-scenes, and gameplay.

Pioneered audio process organization, enhancing cross-team communication and project adaptability.

Directed audio team growth through hiring and training, aligning newcomers with company standards.

Managed community relations via live streams, fostering gamer engagement.

BA Hons, Music Production & Sound Engineering
2016 - 2019
BA Hons, Music Production & Sound Engineering
Point Blank Music School

This programme is developed and taught by industry professionals who’ve worked with the likes of Pharrell Williams, The Chemical Brothers, and Swedish House Mafia.


Under their tutelage I studied the best industry practices in sound design, scoring for media, music composition, mixing, and business.


One of the highlights of the course was starting a wellness based music label that involved coordinating with a team across Australia, India and the UK.

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